Meikle Earnock Halt

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Meikle Earnock (1863-1941)
Meikle Earnock Halt (1941-1943)

Opened on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway.


This was a two platform station to the south west of Meikle Earnock village itself. A number of mines opened nearby. Both platforms had buildings, a waiting shelter on the northbound and small station building on the southbound.

There was a small goods yard on the east side, served from the north.

The signal box was on the east side of the station between the southbound platform and the goods yard.

To the south, on the east side of the line, was a small marshalling yard, Eddlewood Junction Yard. From the south end of this a branch ran from Eddlewood Junction north to serve Eddlewood Colliery and, further north, Neilsland Colliery.

To the north was Earnock Junction where a mineral branch took off to the north, crossed the line, and ran west to a reversing spur before ultimately reaching Earnock Quarry.

The station closed to passengers in 1943. After 1945 the box was only open as required. It was closed in 1953 when the railway closed.

Little remains of the station now, although the trackbed north is now a footpath. When opened this was a rural location, it is now the southern edge of Hamilton. A former railway cottage remains to the east of the station site.




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