Eglinton Iron Works

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Eglinton Iron Works (1846-1921)

Served by the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.
Served by the Eglinton Iron Company Railway.


This iron works was located to the south of Kilwinning on the west bank of the River Garnock. It made use of the nearby collieries.

The works was opened by the Eglinton Iron Co which was owned by William Baird & Co of Coatbridge. There were eight blast furnaces.

Slag was dumped to the east of the site, by the River Garnock.

The works was served by both the Glasgow and South Western Railway and, later, the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.

There was a mainline connection from the G&SWR just north of Byrehill Junction. This allowed trains from Kilwinning to run into the west end of the works.

A second connection came from the Blacklands Junction to Doura Pit line - this allowed trains from Doura Pit and Dirrans to run into the works.

A third, later, connection came from the Irvine branch of the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway. This connected to the slag line on the east side of the works.

A loop of the River Garnock was moved further east, possibly with waste material, allowing expansion of the works to the east and accommodating the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway which would otherwise have required two bridges over the Garnock.

After closure, the bing was progressively removed for levelling of the ground for the Kingmoor Marshalling Yard, the last of it being used in the construction of the Hunterston Ore Terminal.


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  /  /1820Kilwinning Waggonway
Opened by Earl of Eglinton, for the Eglinton Iron Works.
  /  /1834Ardrossan and Johnstone Railway
Extended to Fergushill and Doura. The system was to expand to 22 miles, it served the Eglinton Iron Works and the Doura branch was to be extended south at a later date.
  /  /1845William Baird & Co
New works opened at Eglinton Iron Works, Ayrshire.
  /  /1856Lugar Iron Works
Bought by the Eglinton Iron Works Company.


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