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Gollanfield Junction (1899-1959)
Gollanfield (1959-1965)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Fort George Branch (Highland Railway).
Opened on the Inverness and Nairn Railway.


This station was largely to the west of an overbridge. It was a three platform station, a reconstruction of Fort George [1st] station, with two main line platforms to the south and a bay to the north for the Fort George [2nd] branch on the north side of the eastbound platform.

The main station building was to the east of the bridge, it was the building from Fort George [1st] station. The goods yard was also to the east, on the south side of the line and was also left over from Fort George [1st].

There were two signal boxes. These opened in 1899 to replace the original Fort George [1st] box.

^Gollanfield Junction^ was in the ^V^ of the junction between the branch and bay platform lines. The main line was to its south and bay platform lines to its north. The main line junction was double track, dropping to a single line a little beyond where the bay line joined it.

^Gollanfield East^ was on the north side of the line east of the station and opposite the goods yard.

The station survived the closure of the branch in 1943.

Both boxes closed in 1952 when replaced with a single box, of a traditional design (despite modern designs being used elsewhere such as at Grantown-on-Spey West).

The branch closed to goods in 1961. The station closed in 1965. The new box closed in 1966 and the loop removed.

The line is now a single track. Parts of the bay platform remain, but are very overgrown. The main station building is now a house.


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01/07/1899Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)
Line opened. The original Fort George [1st] station on the Inverness and Nairn Railway was sited slightly further west and renamed Gollanfield Junction.
05/04/1943Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)
Fort George to Gollanfield Junction closed to passengers.
11/08/1958Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)
Fort George to Gollanfield Junction closed to freight.