Greenock Bridge Street

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Greenock Bridge Street (1841-1889)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


This station was a terminus. It was close, but not actually at, Greenock Harbour. It was above street level (described as a 'considerable height' and a set of steps ran from the entrance down to the street. It was close to the harbour but not on a railway pier. The terminus was a short distance south of the West Harbour and a little west of the East Harbour. East Quay Lane ran northwards to Customs House at the West Harbour (later name Brimner Street, now Brymner).

This was a three platform station - two main platforms on either side of a double track line which terminated close to Cathcart Street and a shorter bay platform on the west side. A wooden trainshed covered the north, buffer, end of the station.

To the south, at Regent Street, was the goods yard with a stone built goods shed. The locomotive shed and works was further east at St John Street (now John Street) see Greenock Works and Shed. A mineral depot was added on the north side with a link to the docks.

When the railway was extended west to Gourock the line was cut back and Greenock Central built where the new line extended the route west. This took the station slightly further south of the harbour. The former station and cut back line became the approach road to the new station.



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