Jerviston Junction [1st]

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Jerviston Junction [1st] (1841-1880)

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Opened on the Wishaw and Coltness Railway.
Opened on the Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This junction was north of Jerviston Viaduct. It was the junction between the Wishaw and Coltness Railway and a colliery branch to a coal pit at Cleekhimin.

The coal pit line was closed by the 1880s. The Jerviston Viaduct route also closed, replaced by the Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway) to the west.

In 1900 a new line south to Coursington Road Junction was laid (Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway). This followed the Cleekhimin pit route but had to follow a slightly more southerly approach from the former Jerviston Junction [1st] due to mining. The new line started from a junction south of Milnwood Junction - a new junction called Jerviston Junction.

The new line was out of use by 1930, the northern portion used to access Clydesdale Steel Works.

It was relaid around 1956 to provide a northern approach to Ravenscraig No 3 Yard.

This approach remained open until the closure of Ravenscraig in 1993.




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