Johnstone North [1st]

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Johnstone North [1st] (1896-1905)

Opened on the North Johnstone Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).

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This was the terminus of a short single track branch from Cart Junction opened by the Glasgow and South Western Railway.

It was a single platform terminus, the platform being on the north side of a loop with a goods siding and shed to the south. It served the north of Johnstone and a number of nearby mills on the Black Cart Water.

After the opening of the Kilbarchan Loop it was remodelled as the goods yard for Johnstone North [2nd], access was originally by passing under the loop line, later modified to be approached from the loop line and the tunnel under the station removed. The passenger part of the terminus was converted into the goods yard for the new station, the goods yard was buried under the new station's embankment.

The branch closed in 1957.

The site of the terminus is now under a slip road from the A737.


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