Cart Junction

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Cart Junction (-1983)

Opened on the Bridge of Weir Railway.
Opened on the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway.
Opened on the Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway).
Opened on the North Johnstone Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a large junction of which little remains today, the trackbed being a footpath. The junction was on the south bank of the Black Cart Viaduct.

In 1864 the Bridge of Weir Railway opened from Elderslie No 2 Junction.

Around 1864 the Linwood Branch (Glasgow and South Westerm Railway) opened from a reversing spur on the north side of the line, coming off just to the north west of the Black Cart Water Viaduct.

A curve opened from Cart Junction to Johnstone in 1869 with the opening of the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway, this curve being the ^Ayrshire^ component of the name - it allowed trains from Ayrshire to run to Greenock.

The signal box, from 1876, was on the north side of the junction.

In 1896 the short North Johnstone Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway) opened from Cart Junction to run west. Close to the junction were sidings for Johnstone Gas Works and Union Iron Works. The Cartside Mineral Depot was alongside the gas works. The sidings were served from Cartside Junction.

In 1905 the Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway) opened, part of a scheme which created a quadruple track railway from Dalry Junction to Glasgow St Enoch. In addition a flyunder was created - from Cart Junction under the main line close to Elderslie to join the main line at Elderslie No 2 Junction. The North Johnstone line became a goods loop running west to the west end of Johnstone North [2nd].

A new larger signal box opened to the east of the existing box. The junction was to the south of the box with slow and fast eastbound and fast and slow westbound lines.

The Linwood branch closed in 1934, although the headshunt was retained as a siding.

The Johnstone North goods loop closed in 1957. The Cartside sidings closed in 1965.

The Greenock route was cut back to Kilmacolm in 1966. The Ayrshire curve to Johnstone had closed in 1964. After 1966 the Kilmacolm line was singled.

In 1970 the box burned down and was replaced with a temporary box.

The Kilbarchan loop closed to passengers in 1966 and completely in 1972. The box closed, replaced by Elderslie No 2 Junction box.

The final closure was the Kilmacolm line in 1983.

The trackbed is now a footpath.




20/06/1864Bridge of Weir Railway
Opened from Cart Junction, Elderslie, to Bridge of Weir [1st].
27/06/1966Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Elderslie (Cart Junction) to Dalry (Brownhill Junction) closed to passengers.
03/02/1971Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Cart Junction to Kilbirnie (excluded) closed to freight.


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