Kilbirnie [2nd]

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Kilbirnie [2nd] (1905-1966)

Opened on the Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway).

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This was an island platform station with a building typical of the line on the platform with canopies. It had a single subway entrance from the west which emerged at the north end of the platform with a covered entrance.

The goods yard was laid out on the west side, approached from the south and with a headshunt (the LMS was to extend this headshunt and use it as a secondary method of approach to Kilbirnie (South)).

On the east side was a looped headshunt, approached from the south, from which the Glengarnock Steelworks Rolling Mill could be approached from the north, the sidings expanding into a yard on the west side of the mill and partly comprising the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway line to Kilbirnie (South).

The signal box was to the south, on the east side, between the main line and the steelworks sidings.

Just south of the station the railway passed over the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway's branch to Kilbirnie (South).

The station closed in 1966.

The signal box closed in 1973 when the line was singled. The line north to Cart Junction was closed in 1972.

The approach from the south, from Brownhill Junction, was retained as an approach to the steel works until 1977. The final parts of the steel works closed in 1984.

The trackbed from the north end of the station south is initially used by a footpath before it follows the course of the L&A to reach Glengarnock. Portions of platform remain, much was lost during conversion to a footpath around 1989.


Station footpath