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Lanark Racecourse (1910-1964)

Opened on the Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway).


The racecourse at Lanark, to the east of the town, opened in 1908. This station was built to serve the racecourse.

The station was built on the 1864 Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway), later extended on to Muirkirk in 1875.

The line reduced to a single track south of Smyllum South Junction (which was Douglas Junction South moved a little further south). The line crossed the A73 as a single track and then entered the two platform station, which had a loop on the east side. The brick built signal box which controlled the station loop and Smyllum South Junction was located in the station, on the west (northbound) platform. It opened in 1910 to replaced the Smyllum South Junction box.

Services to Muirkirk [2nd] ceased in 1964 when the station also closed. Some use may have continued until line closure.

The signal box closed in 1965 when the curve to Smyllum West Junctionwas taken out. The line remained open to Douglas Colliery until 1968.

The station site is now very overgrown but portions of the timber platforms can be found. The racecourse itself is also closed.

A minor road bridge to the south of the station, which crosses the line on an oblique, is 'B' listed.




Lanark Racecourse Halt

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09/08/1910Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lanark Racecourse opened. Some doubling of the Douglas Branch to Lanark Racecourse took place in preparation for the Lanark Aviation meeting and the huge number of expected visitors. Lanark Racecourse station was by the meeting site.
18/10/1965Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lanark Racecourse to Smyllum West Junction closed to freight but is retained for turning engines.
19/12/1965Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lanark Racecourse to Smyllum West Junction ceases to be used for engine turning.
15/01/1968Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Douglas Colliery to Ponfeigh, Lanark Racecourse and Smyllum East Junction (excluded) closed to freight.