Morrison Street Goods

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Morrison Street Goods (1870-1966)


This large mineral depot was on the north side of the approach to Edinburgh Princes Street. The yard was laid out with a fan of sidings occupying most of the site and some marshalling sidings to the south, alongside the main line.

Approach was from Dalry Junction [Edinburgh].

It was established around the time of Caledonian Railway expansion in Edinburgh; a new Princes Street station to replace Lothian Road, a link from Dalry Junction [Edinburgh] to the Granton branch, the opening of the Leith branch and its impending opening to passengers. A link to the Haymarket West Junction on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway was about to open. The old goods and mineral depot at Lothian road was not sufficient with all the new lines. It became a goods depot and Morrison Street depot was the new mineral depot, built on the grounds of Dalry House.

The layout altered little over the years.

It was to survive, briefly, the closure of Lothian Road Goods in 1964, Edinburgh Princes Street in 1965 and itself closed in 1966. The line back to Slateford Junction [1st] was lifted.


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