Mossend Steel Works

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Mossend Steel Works

Open on the Colvilles Ltd.
Open on the William Beardmore & Co Ltd.


This reconstruction of William Beardmore & Co^s Mossend Iron and Steelworks was due to the demands of Great War and was in part supported by the Ministry of Munitions. The new works was laid out to the west of the existing works and was on a considerably greater scale. Reconstruction was around 1915.

The works closed in 1928 and was sold to Colvilles Ltd in 1934.

The main building from this period still stands, in different use.


Steel works


  /  /1915William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Construction of new Mossend Steel Works begins. The new works was larger and west of the original Mossend Iron and Steel Works which was demolished.
  /  /1922Glasgow Iron and Steel Co
Wishaw Steel Works closed, due to William Beardmore & Co Ltd having redeveloped at Mossend to produce the new Mossend Steel Works around 1915.
  /07/1928William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Mossend Steel Works closed.
  /05/1932William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Price discussed for selling the closed Mossend Steel Works.
  /03/1934Colvilles Ltd
Mossend Steel Works bought from William Beardmore & Co Ltd.