Colvilles Ltd


  /  /1930Clyde Iron Works
Taken over by Colvilles Ltd.
01/01/1931David Colville & Sons James Dunlop & Co Colvilles Ltd
Merger of David Colville & Sons and James Dunlop & Co forms Colvilles Ltd.
  /03/1934Colvilles Ltd
Mossend Steel Works bought from William Beardmore & Co Ltd.
  /01/1936Steel Company of Scotland Colvilles Ltd
The Steel Company of Scotland is merged with Colvilles Ltd.
  /  /1937Colvilles Ltd
Re-structuring begins which will ultimately lead to the construction of the Ravenscraig Steel Works.
09/07/1954Ravenscraig Steel Works
Works opened by Colvilles Ltd at a cost of £20,000,000, with 2 batteries of 35 coke ovens, a blast furnace and melting shop with 3 furnaces. Colvilles Ltd older furnaces were to be demolished.
  /  /1958Colvilles Ltd
Govan Iron Works ('Dixon's Blazes') closed.
  /  /1961Colvilles Ltd
Ravenscraig Steel Works fully opened.
  /  /1967Waverley Iron Works
Closed, after being owned briefly by Colvilles Ltd.
  /  /1967Colvilles Ltd
Becomes part of the British Steel Corporation.