Pollok Junction

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Pollok Junction (1870-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.
Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This is the junction between the former Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway and the later City of Glasgow Union Railway (opened 1870). The junction allowed trains from Glasgow St Enoch to join the route west to Paisley Gilmour Street. It was immediately west of the now closed Shields Road [CGU] station.

This junction allowed the Glasgow and South Western Railway to vacate the cramped Bridge Street terminus, shared with the Caledonian Railway, in favour of their new Glasgow St Enoch station.

A signal box opened with the junction, 1870. This was on the south side of the junction.

A new far larger box opened in 1894.

In 1924 this box also replaced Maxwell Junction box, which was located just to the south on a different line (the largely goods and minerals General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway).

The box closed in 1967, replaced by the Glasgow Central Power Box.

The junction remains open, although the City of Glasgow Union Railway is now a freight and stock movement line. (Maxwell Junction no longer exists, having become redundant during the complete rebuilding of the Shields junctions.)




12/12/1870City of Glasgow Union Railway
Opened between Pollok Junction (on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway) and the new temporary four platform terminus at Dunlop Street (replaced by Glasgow St Enoch). Glasgow and South Western Railway main line services start to use the new station, local services continue to use Bridge Street. Stations opened at Shields Road [CGU] (interchange with Pollokshields) and Dunlop Street.
27/06/1966City of Glasgow Union Railway
Glasgow Glasgow St Enoch to Pollok Junction closed to passengers.


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