Poteath Signal Box

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Poteath Signal Box (1880-1888)
Poteath Signal Box (1896-1942)


This intermediate box was between Fairlie (to the north) and West Kilbride (to the south). Its site is now within the Hunterston Junction complex of sidings - which date from 1979, considerably after the box closed in 1942.

It was a little north of Hunterston Junction - today it would be with the Hunterston Low Level Sidings and Hunterston High Level Sidings approach to Hunterston Junction, a little south of Hunterston Loading Bunker. The high level sidings are now out of use and low level remain in use for nuclear flask traffic.

The box itself opened with the line in 1880. It closed in 1888. A replacement opened in 1896 closing in 1942. The box was on the west side of the line.

The Poteath estate was about a mile to the north by the Clyde, the house is now long gone.


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