Hunterston Junction

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Hunterston Junction (1979-)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Largs Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).
Opened on the Hunterston Ore Terminal (British Railways).


This is the junction for the Hunterston High Level Sidings and Hunterston Low Level Sidings. The high level sidings were laid out on the east side of the line and approached from the south. The low level sidings are on the west side and also approached from the south.

The sidings were opened for the Hunterston Ore Terminal, used for importing iron ore and coal for the Ravenscraig Steel Works.

A temporary signal box opened in 1878 for the sidings. Signalling here was replaced in 1986 by Paisley Signalling Centre when the line was prepared for electrification.

An unusual arrnagement exists south to east of Ardrossan South Beach station. South of the junction the northbound line used used bidrectionally by passenger trains. The southbound line is only used by freight trains. The line north was reduced to a single track with the alterations (the northbound line was retained). With the closure of Hunterston Ore Terminal the arrangement shoudl perhaps be altered again and platforms rebuilt at West Kilbride and Ardrossan South Beach.

Hunterston Junction remains open for traffic to the low level sidings, this being nuclear flask traffic from Hunterston Power Station.




  /01/1987Largs Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Line electrified. Passenger trains are confined to the northbound line (starting from just east of Ardrossan South Beach), freight to the Hunterston Ore Terminal can use both lines as far as Hunterston Junction. Beyond Hunterston Junction, going north, the southbound line is lifted.


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