Rutherglen [4th]

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Rutherglen [4th] (1896-1964)

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With the opening of the Glasgow Central Railway a further six platforms were to open at Rutherglen, in addition to the existing six (two on the west to north curve and four on the mainline).

Three bay platforms were opened within the triangle of lines. These were on the west side directly to the east of the platforms on the west to north curve of Rutherglen [3rd] station. These platforms were heavily canopied. To their east were the Rutherglen Cariage Sidings. Rutherglen was to be a starting and stopping place for services using the Glasgow Central Railway which would go as far afield as Possil, Maryhill, Dumbarton Central and Balloch Pier.

Two through platforms were built on the north to east curve. These allowed Rutherglen [2nd] to permanently closed.

An additional platform was to be added on the north side of the slow eastbound main line track, this new platform facilitating exchange between the bay platforms and main line trains.

A large footbridges connected the twelve platforms at Rutherglen and the station buildings were directly connected. There were waiting shelters on each of the north to east platforms. The northbound of these platforms was the same platform as the most northern of the main line platforms. A footbridge connected these two platforms and crossed the mainline to the south to reach an entrance on Victoria Street.

The Glasgow Central Railway was to close in 1964. All platforms save the main line's slow lines island plaform were to close.

The northern part of the station was cleared after closure. (Some remains reappeared during clearance works for the M77 extension which crosses over the Rutherglen triangle of lines.)

In 1979 the Argyle Line opened, a partial re-opening of the Glasgow Central Railway. An island platform station, Rutherglen, was to open on the site of the north to east 1894 curve platforms.

(There has been some realignment here. The platform is actually on the site of the north to eastbound platform with today's northbound line being where the eastbound line was located and today's eastbound line being on the site of the the northbound track of the original course of the goods only line to Bridgeton Bank Yard.)



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