Salsburgh Goods

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Salsburgh Goods (1864-1956)

Opened on the Salsburgh Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This goods station was west of the village of Salsburgh.

There was a loop on the west side of the line whcih started from the south of a road bridge which crossed oer the line and ran north of the bridge to serve a loading bank, on the loop side, and a crane.

There was a signal box and office building.

The instruments were moved from the box to the office as an economy measure around 1929.

The box closed in 1938 and the line north of the goods station (excluded) closed in the 1940s.

A dual carriageway bridge was built over the south end, leaving clearance for the two tracks.

The railway closed in 1956.

The trackbed and bridges remain. To the north the line, which was in a shallow cutting, has been infilled.



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