Stobcross East Junction

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Stobcross East Junction (1896-1965)


This junction was east of Stobcross station. It was the junction between the Glasgow Central Railway and its short goods link made to Stobcross Low Level Goods. The goods line was approached from the east and on the south side of the main line. This yard served the Queens Dock and was also an interchange with the North British Railway via its Stobcross Railway.

The junction opened to goods in 1894 via the line to Maryhill Central Junction. The remainder opened in 1896 when Stobcross opened to passengers.

The junction was controlled by Stobcross East signal box. This was located on the north side of the junction underneath Stobcross Street. The box opened with the junction.

The view from this box was poor. The main line was largely in the dark under Stobcross Street and the goods lines, to the south, were out in the daylight, the view of these partly obscured by pillars supporting the roadways above.

This led to the peculiar solution of building a second box (Stobcross East No 1) to the south with a better view whose lever frame operated the original lever frame (Stobcross East No 2) using hydraulics. A sort of master-slave arrangement. The box was somewhat narrow being on a very cramped site.

The arrangement did not last very long and a conventional box was built in 1909.

In 1929 the box took over Stobcross West Junction box.

The line was resignalled in 1956 with coloured light signals. Bridgeton Cross controlled the east end of the resignalled portion.

The line to Kelvinbridge (excluded) closed in 1960 from Stobcross West Junction.

The remaining line closed in 1965. Stobcross Low Level Goods, still reached by the former Stobcross Railway, closed in 1969.

The railway re-opened in 1979 as 'ClydeRail', the Argyle Line. Stobcross East Junction is where the westbound and eastbound tracks divide going west. The westbound line follows the course of the Stobcross Railway and the eastbound initially follows the route of the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway before using a new portion of tunnel to reach Finnieston West Junction.




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