Tay Bridge South Junction

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Tay Bridge South Junction (1887-1969)

Opened on the Tay Bridge (North British Railway).


This junction opened shortly after the new Tay Bridge opened in 1887. The junction was between the main line to the south and the local line to Newport.

It replaced Tay Bridge South Junction [1st] which was closed following the collapse of the Tay Bridge [1st].

With the new bridge Wormit station was opened on the Newport line, the junction's signal box being at the north end of the station's northbound platform. The box opened somewhere between 1887 and 1889. The Wormit end of the Newport Railway required alteration to bring it to the south end of the new bridge (the old bridge was a little to the east) and to serve the new station.

Wormit Goods was nearby on the main line to the south.

The Newport line closed in 1969.

The box remains open.




Tay Bridge South Tay Bridge South Signal Box


02/01/1967Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Tay Bridge South Junction closed to freight.
05/05/1969Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Dundee (Tay Bridge South Junction) closed to passengers.


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