Troon Junction

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Troon Junction (1892-1966)

Opened on the Troon Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This junction was immediately south of Troon station. It opened in 1892, the dividing point of the line from Lochgreen Junction (to the south east) into Templehill Junction (at Troon Harbour) and Barassie Junction (passing through Troon station) portions.

The signal box was on the east side of the Troon line, just north of the junction.

The junction was converted from a double track junction to a single lead junction before closure, the curve to Templehill Junction doubling just north west of the junction.

The curve to Templehill Junction closed in 1966. The box closed in 1967.

Troon station remains open and the line is electrified. Housing and other developments have been built over the Templehill Junction alignment.


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