Alloa Waggonway


Latterly a tramway from Devon Colliery Furnacebank Pits 1,2 to Alloa Wet Dock and the Alloa Glass Works. The tramway crossed the railway immediately east of Alloa [1st] station (ie west of the present Alloa station).

It was one of Scotland^s oldest tramways.


  /  /1766Alloa Waggonway
Opened from Alloa collieries and Alloa Glass Works bottle works to Alloa Harbour by John, Earl of Mar. Alternative date 1768.
  /  /1771Alloa Waggonway
Extended to Collyland.
  /  /1785Alloa Waggonway
Wooden track replaced with wood and iron strip.
  /  /1810Alloa Waggonway
Track replaced with cast iron.
  /  /1835Alloa Waggonway
Sold to the Alloa Coal Company.
  /  /1840Alloa Waggonway
Track replaced with malleable iron.
  /  /1940Alloa Waggonway
Last wagon used as a bunker for a harbour crane.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This tunnel under Drysdale Street and Mar Street carried the Alloa Waggonway between the bridge over the the railway next to Alloa station and the route south via Bedford Place Tunnel to the Alloa Glass Works and harbour, latterly the Alloa Wet Dock.

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National Transport Trust heritage plaque, commemorating the Alloa Waggonway, unveiled in Alloa on 1st April 2021. ...
John Yellowlees 01/04/2021
The stone steps that now provide pedestrian access between the old route of the Alloa Waggonway and the busy Drysdale Street. View is north towards ...
John Furnevel 03/07/2008
View north along the route of the Alloa Wagonway on 2 July towards the Station Hotel and ring road, showing the underpass now running below ...
John Furnevel 02/07/2008
A provisional member of the Hells Angels Alloa Junior Chapter speeds north through the Drysdale Street/Mar Street underpass along the ...
John Furnevel 02/07/2008
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This tunnel under Bedford Place carried the Alloa Waggonway. It is south of Drysdale Street Tunnel. It carried the waggonway south to the Alloa Glass Works and harbour, latterly the Alloa Wet Dock.

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Scene in Alloa town centre on 27 March 2008 looking south towards the Forth. Down below is the trackbed of the Alloa Wagonway which has just emerged ...
John Furnevel 27/03/2008
View south from Bedford Place, Alloa, towards the Forth on 3 July 2008 showing the route of the old Wagonway emerging below. Clearance and ...
John Furnevel 03/07/2008
The tunnel under Bedford Place, Alloa, on the route used by the Alloa Waggonway on its journey to the Forth. Photographed looking south in March 2008 ...
John Furnevel 27/03/2008
Looking north on 2 July 2008 along the route of the Alloa Wagonway running below Bedford Place towards the Drysedale Street/Mar Street underpass in ...
John Furnevel 02/07/2008
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This glass works opened in 1750. It was service by the Alloa Waggonway which can from the Sauchie Colliery to Alloa Harbour, opening in 1766.

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