Camps Reservoir Railway


This narrow gauge line was used to deliver materials for the construction of Camps Reservoir from the railhead at Crawford on the former Caledonian Railway.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a two platform station. The main station building was on the northbound platform with a waiting room on the southbound. There was a footbridge at the north west end of the station, part of a footpath from Crawford which continued over a footbridge over the River Clyde and on to Midlock, to the north. There was no goods yard, but the station had a small timber signal box at the south end ...

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GBRf 66707 Sir Sam Fay heads north from Crawford with a Carlisle - Millerhill engineers train on 3rd October 2017.
Bill Roberton 03/10/2017
A southbound Pendolino runs through Crawford on 25 July 2012. ...
John Steven 25/07/2012
Looking west at Crawford, class 86 and train heading south. ...
Ewan Crawford //
EWS 66100 running light engine on the WCML south of Crawford on 25 July. ...
John Steven 25/07/2012
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