Durham Junction Railway


This line, a former part of the East Coast Main Line is mothballed. This is part of the route known as the Leamside line. The line terminated at Rainton Meadows, often described as an unlikely terminus - however a large number of colliery lines met the line here.


  /  /    Durham Junction Railway Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway
Durham Junction Railway bought by the Newcastle and Darlington Junction Railway.
16/06/1834Durham Junction Railway
Act passed. Intended to connect to the (never built) Durham branch of the Hartlepool Dock and Railway and run north to Gateshead. As a result the line terminated at Rainton Meadows instead of running through to Gillesgate.
16/06/1834Durham Junction Railway
Act passed.
  /  /1838Durham Junction Railway
Line opened from Washington South Junction (Stanhope and Tyne Railway) to Rainton Meadows.
28/06/1838Durham Junction Railway
Final stone of Victoria Viaduct [Durham] laid on the day of Queen Victoria's Coronation. Engineer; T.E. Harrison.
24/08/1838Durham Junction Railway
Opened for minerals.
09/03/1840Durham Junction Railway
Opened for passengers. Service runs from Gateshead via the Brandling Junction Railway and Stanhope and Tyne Railway to Washington before continuing to Durham (Rainton Meadows).
  /  /1843Durham Junction Railway
George Hudson buys the line.
23/05/1844Durham Junction Railway
George Hudson's purchase of line ratified by Act which gave permission to bridge the River Tyne.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

37078+37067 arriving off the Stanhope and Tyne route at Washington South Junction in the late 1970s with a train of iron ore empties from Consett. The ...
Ewan Crawford Collection //
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A southbound HST crosses the Victoria Viaduct, on the Leamside line, with a diverted ECML service (because of electrification work) in 1989.
Bill Roberton //1989
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This complex support for a road bridge serving a few houses and a farm is probably one of the smaller obstacles to re-opening the Leamside line, which ...
Ken Strachan 03/08/2023
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An unidentified class 47 nears Fencehouses with a train of chemical tanks on Saturday 18 March 1989, thought to be the SAI train from Leith South to ...
Bill Roberton 18/03/1989
The signal box at Fencehouses on the Leamside line in March 1989. ...
Bill Roberton 18/03/1989
A southbound BR InterCity 125 HST passing Fencehouses 'box on the Leamside line on 18 March 1989, having been diverted due to ECML electrification ...
Bill Roberton 18/03/1989
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