Penicuik Railway


This line is closed. The line carried passengers and freight between Penicuik and Edinburgh. The line is now a cyclepath. The survival of this line for freight after closure to passengers and a local service to Rosewell kept the Peebles Railway open from Eskbank to Rosewell for a few months after closure of the Peebles route, but it was not a long reprieve.

Why built

The already open Peebles Railway took a course to the south of Penicuik on high ground. Its station, Penicuik [1st], served the town poorly and was very inconvenient for the mills along the River Esk.


  /  /1870[Penicuik Railway]
Act receives Royal assent.
02/07/1872[Penicuik Railway]
Penicuik Railway opened from Hawthornden Junction ([Peebles Railway]) to Penicuik. Stations opened at: Rosslyn, Auchendinny and Penicuik.
16/02/1874[Penicuik Railway]
Rosslyn re-named Rosslyn Castle.
01/07/1874[Penicuik Railway]
Eskbridge opened.
  /  /1876[Penicuik Railway]
[North British Railway]
Penicuik Railway absorbed by North British Railway.
01/01/1917[Penicuik Railway]
Eskbridge closed.
02/06/1919[Penicuik Railway]
Eskbridge re-opened.
22/09/1930[Penicuik Railway]
Eskbridge closed.
05/03/1951[Penicuik Railway]
Auchendinny closed.
10/09/1951[Penicuik Railway]
Penicuik to Rosewell and Hawthornden (Hawthornden Junction) closed to passengers.
10/09/1951[Penicuik Railway]
Line closed to passengers; Rosslyn Castle and Penicuik closed.
27/03/1967[Penicuik Railway]
Hawthornden Junction to Eskbank Paper Mill closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

Hawthornden Junction

This was the junction between the Peebles Railway of 1855 and the Penicuik Railway of 1872. The junction was to the south of a level crossing immediately south of Rosewell and Hawthornden station.


Firth Viaduct

This is a disused 10 arch viaduct just east of Auchendinny....


Old Woodhouselee Tunnel

This is a single track tunnel immediately west of Firth Viaduct and east of Auchendinny station and tunnel....



This was a single platform station on a single track line. The platform was located on the west side of the line and built in timber and ash (the southern part entirely in timber as it overhung the river). The station building was in timber.



This was a single platform station with a passing loop.


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