Alloa East Junction

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Alloa East Junction (1851-1973)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.


This junction was at the east end of Alloa [1st] station and was formed, in 1851, between the 1850 Dunfermline [2nd] to Alloa [1st] main line alignment of the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway and its 1851 branch to Tillicoultry.

Alloa [1st] station was rebuilt in 1880 and a new Alloa East signal box opened at the east end of the station^s island platform. It controlled the double track junction between the two lines.

Goods lines to the north ran from Alloa Station Goods, to the north of Alloa [1st] station to loops which connected to the Tillicoultry route, with a connection to the Alloa Co-op Coal Siding and Alloa NCB Workshops.

East of the junction on the main line was Alloa Shed, on the north side of the line, and Alloa Brewery, on the south side.

The route to Tillicoultry was singled in 1967. It closed in 1973, except for the Co-op coal siding.

The box closed in 1974. A ground frame opened for the coal siding. This portion of the line was a long loop from Alloa West Junction to Kincardine Junction with the coal siding and Alloa Harbour branch.

The line east to Kincardine closed in 1981. The eastbound line from Alloa East Junction to Kincardine Junction was lifted. The coal siding was out of use in the mid 1980s leaving a disused, but in place, single track line from just east of Cambus to Kincardine Power Station. (Alloa Marshalling Yard was replaced with a loop at Cambus in 1987.)

The Stirling to Kincardine line was re-opened in 2008, with a new station at Alloa on a short siding located at the former Alloa Brewery, just east of Alloa East Junction. Alloa East Junction is now where the siding and line east to Kincardine divide.




15/06/1964Devon Valley Railway
Kinross Junction to Alloa East Junction closed to passengers.