Arbroath West Links

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Arbroath West Links (1910-)

Opened on the Kerr's Miniature Railway.


This is the terminus of the miniature railway which runs in West Links Park, in the west of Arbroath.

The charming Kerr^s Miniature Railway is very much associated with the Kerr family who first built it in 1935 and still own and operate it today. Their website, Kerr^s Miniature Railway , has a superb history of the line.

The line is 10.25 inch gauge. This is a three platform terminus with a ticket office and footbridge. It is overshadowed by the mainline railway immediately to the north.

The location is close to where the deviation from the original approach to the Arbroath (Lady Loan) terminus was superceded by the line into today^s [[Arbroath] station.


Kerr^s Miniature Railway


Station narrow gauge