Beith Town

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Beith [Town] (1873-1953)
Beith Town (1953-1962)

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Opened on the Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway.


This was a single platform terminus. There was a large goods yard on the east side of the site. To the south, on the west side, was a locomotive shed which was approached via reversing spur and a turntable (Beth Town Shed). The terminus was approached from the south east.

The line was double track but terminated at a single platform with a loop.

The signal box, south end of the platform, closed in 1933 and the line operated with one-engine-in-steam until closure. A ground frame was installed.

In later days a railbus operated between Lugton and Beith Town. The branch closed in 1962. (From Barrmill Junction to Lugton was retained for RNAD Giffen.)

Lugton, junction station for the branch, closed in 1966, not long after closure of the branch.

The station site is now a street and housing.


Terminus station

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05/11/1962Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway
Beith Town to Lugton closed to passengers
05/10/1964Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway
Beith Town to Barrmill Junction (excluded) closed to freight.