Cairnhill Junction

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Cairnhill Junction (1887-1935)

Opened on the Airdrie Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a junction in Airdrie, the western apex of a triangle of lines. To the west the line ran west to Whifflet Upper, to the north it approached the Airdrie [CR] terminus via Airdrie Junction, and to the east it divided at Gartness Junction to run east Gartness Colliery and south east to Chapelhall. The lines opened in 1886/7.

The original signal box opened with the line and was located in the 'V' of the junction. The lines meeting at the junction were double track.

The box was replaced in 1899 when Stewarts and Lloyds opened the Imperial Tube Works to the west, on the north side of the railway. The new works was approached from the junction. The new signal box was on the south side of the line midway between Cairnhill Junction and the turn out to the new works. (The works was also served by the North British Railway's Sheepford Branch via a reversing spur under the Caledonian's line.)

The curve to Gartness Junction was closed in 1935. The railway closed to passengers in 1943 and the box closed in 1948, replaced by a ground frame for the works. The railway was singled with the eastbound line being lifted.

The line was cut back to the ground frame in 1964, leaving just a reversing spur.

Railway traffic to Imperial Tube Works ceased in the late 1980s. The line closed in 1990.

The railway trackbed is now a footpath, going west. Subsequent building has obliterated the junction site.



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01/09/1887Airdrie Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Cairnhill Junction to Chapelhall opened. Calderbank Iron Works branch opened. Chapelhall Iron Works branch opened (partially - the iron works closed the previous year).