Dunfermline Upper

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Dunfermline [2nd] (1849-1890)
Dunfermline Upper (1890-1968)

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Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.
Opened on the Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway).


This was a station with two main through platforms, the north of which was an island with a second face. At the west end was a bay on the south side.

The station was the end-on junction between the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway and the Dunfermline Branch of the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.

There was a goods yard to the north with a large goods shed, several looped lines and a sidings served from the east end.

There was a locomotive shed at the east end, south side of the line, which was closed when replaced with the larger Dunfermline Shed to the east.

The station was equipped with east and west boxes in 1880. The east box was replaced in 1916. The new east box took over the west box in 1927.

With the opening of the Forth Bridge the station was renamed Dunfermline Upper to distinguish it from Dunfermline Lower, formerly Dunfermline (Comely Park).

The line westwards to Oakley was singled in 1972 (westbound line lifted). To the east to Townhill Junction it was singled in 1973. The box became just a ground frame and closed in 1975.

The station remained largely intact until the late 1980s. The line was redundant after the closure of Comrie Colliery in 1984 and was lifted in 1986. The station buildings and goods shed survived until at least 1989.

Little remains of the station today. There is a viaduct to the west and a concrete retaining wall bordering Carnegie Drive. The station site is now a retail park.



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