Hamilton Engine Sheds Junction

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Hamilton Engine Sheds Junction


This junction was north of Hamilton West station. A minimal version still exists today to give access to the Earnock Sidings of E.G. Steele, a wagon repair works. It formerly gave access to Hamilton Shed and mineral lines.

A locomotive shed opened close to the 1849 Hamilton terminus in the 1860s for the considerable mineral traffic from the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway of 1860. The shed was on the west side of the line north of the station.

The branch was extended from Hamilton West (as the station was renamed) through Hamilton Central to Ross Junction and Ferniegair Junction in 1876 and served many more mines in the process. With the increase in traffic the shed was replaced in the 1880s (with the former shed going to Bridgeton Goods).

A signal box was opened north of the station for the mineral lines. By the 1890s these served Clyde Colliery, Townsland Colliery, Whitehill Pit and Whistleberry Colliery Pits Nos 1 and 2 and considerable yards developed between Craighead Junction, Strathaven Junction and the Hamilton sheds. At some point the box name changed from Hamilton Colliery to Hamilton Engine Sheds. The box was replaced in 1896 when the yards were improved.

The shed became a diesel depot in 1962. The box closed in 1973 when taken over by the Motherwell Signalling Centre. The shed closed in 1980.

Today there is a facing connection from the Glasgow bound line to a headshunt for the wagon works. The works was located north of the locomotive shed.