Hyndland North Junction

Location type


Names and dates

Whiteinch North Junction (1897-1960)
Hyndland North Junction (1960-)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Stobcross Railway.
Opened on the Clydebank to Dalmuir (North British Railway).


This is a junction between the Anniesland to Hyndland alignment of the 1874 Stobcross Railway and a 1897 curve which runs from north to west to meet the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway of 1882. The curve is single track (formerly double) and other lines double. The curve crosses Crow Road. The junction is the northern apex of a triangular junction formed with Hyndland West Junction to the south west and Hyndland East Junction to the south east.

It is often used for movement of empty trains to and from Yoker Depot. With the re-opening of the Anniesland to Maryhill curve it can also be used for traffic from Clyde side to and from Cowlairs on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

The curve was singled for the Yoker resignalling scheme.

Sidings north of Jordanhill station, on the south side of the triangle, were accessed from the junction. These were on the east side of Crow Road.

The box opened in 1896, a year before the junction itself. This was to closed in 1928, taken over by the box at Whiteinch East Junction.




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