Kirklee Goods Signal Box

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Kirklee Goods Signal Box (1896-1939)


This signal box was located on the west to east part of the triangle of lines at Kirklee formed by Bellshaugh Junction (to the west), Maryhill Junction (east) and Kirklee Junction (south). To the immediate east the line crossed over the River Kelvin by a viaduct, one of a pair of viaducts carrying the lines to Maryhill Junction.

The signal box controlled the east end of a small yard of looped sidings on the north side of the triangle. The west end was at Bellshaugh Junction and could only be approached from the Dawsholm line approaching that junction.

The box closed in 1939, replaced by a ground frame. The looped sidings became dead end sidings approached from Bellshaugh only. (The nearby Kirklee station also closed to passengers in 1939.)

The west to east curve was the last survivor of the lines here and closed in 1966.


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