Kirklee Junction

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Kirklee Junction (1896-1964)


This was a double track junction to the north of Kirklee station. The lines divided south of Kirklee Road passing underneath by two separate bridges. The signal box was located on the east side.

It was the southern apex of a triangular junction. The forks ran to Bellshaugh Junction (to the west) and Maryhill Junction (east). In addition the west fork had a pair of looped sidings on its west side.

The west fork closed in 1960 and the east fork was reduced to a single track goods line running south as far as Kelvin Bridge. The east fork closed in 1964. The box survived until 1964 as it controlled the point where the sngled line doubled.

The nearby west to east line remained open until 1966.

The site is now a small area of landscaped garden sandwiched between Kirklee Road and housing on the site of Kirklee station.