Newhaven [Leith New Lines]

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Newhaven [Leith New Lines] (1903-1903)

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Opened on the Leith New Lines (Caledonian Railway).


Some preparations were made for platforms on the Leith New Lines south of the existing Newhaven station. The brick platforms, on the west to south curve, never opened. These commenced, in the west, at the extreme west end of the very long Edinburgh Princes Street bound platform of the main Newhaven station, which extended far west of the Craighall Road overbridge. The were bounded in the south by the Newhaven goods depot, served from the west.

A triangle of double track lines was prepared here - Newhaven Junction in the west, Ferry Road Junction in the south and Leith High Depot in the east. The south to east curve may not have been completely laid in.

The Leith New Lines were singled in 1917 and the south to east curve completely removed around this time. The eastbound line was lifted through the never opened station and westbound line retained.

Nothing of the proposed station remains today. The route of the line is now a footpath and the Craighall Road bridge over the line remains standing.



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