Paisley East Junction

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Paisley East Junction (1906-1906)

Opened on the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway.


The name of this junction is assumed - it was never laid in.

To the north of Paisley East a triangular junction with the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway was planned.

A double track ran off on a tight curve to the west to join the line close to Greenlaw Goods, just east of Paisley Gilmour Street. Neither end of the laid tracks was connected and the layout outside Gilmour Street was not altered in preparation.

The line from Paisley East ran north to Gallowhill Junction as a double track, with loop laid on the east side of the curve. This was also not connected up to Gallowhill Junction. A temporary connection was only ever made here, during the construction of the line south to Barrhead.

The lines were lifted in the Great War and embankments removed in the 1930s.