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Peterhead (1862-1965)

Opened on the Formartine and Buchan Railway.


This was a terminus with an island platform with two faces. One, the southern, ran into the trainshed. The covered area was extended over the platform with a canopy which extended out from the trainshed.

There was a large goods yard to the north of the passenger station. The yard had a large shed and loading bank with two faces. A line ran east round the north of the goods yard to Peterhead Harbour.

North of the goods yard and harbour line was the two road locomotive shed.

The signal box, opened 1883 and replaced in 1890, was to the west where the lines dividing entering the station. It was on the south side of the line.

The station handled goods traffic for Crosse & Blackwell who had (until 1998) a canning factory in Peterhead Harbour (Crosse and Blackwell [Peterhead]). This factory received cans from Elliot Metal Box.

The station closed to passengers in 1965. The signal box closed in 1966 and a ground frame provided.

The Crosse & Blackwell traffic was transferred to containers from 1966 and the cans carried by road to the Aberdeen Freightliner Depot fro dispatch. This loss of traffic contributed to the closure of the Peterhead branch in 1970.

The site has been completely cleared and is now a school.


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23/07/1858Formartine and Buchan Railway
Act receives Royal ascent. (Dyce to Peterhead, Mintlaw to Fraserburgh, branch to Ellon).
03/07/1862Formartine and Buchan Railway
Mintlaw to Peterhead opened.
  /  /1948Formartine and Buchan Railway
Fraserburgh section becomes main line and Peterhead line becomes branch.
04/05/1965Formartine and Buchan Railway
Peterhead to Maud junction closed to passengers. (Alternative date 3/5/1965).
17/05/1965Formartine and Buchan Railway
Peterhead signal box closed.
04/09/1970Formartine and Buchan Railway
Peterhead to Maud junction closed to freight. (Alternative date 4/9/1970).