Princes Street [1st]

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Canal Street (1847-1862)
Princes Street [1st] (1862-1868)

Opened on the Edinburgh, Leith and Granton Railway.

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This was the terminus of the line from Granton and North Leith. It was at the south end of the Scotland Street Tunnel. The station was immediately north of Edinburgh Waverley with terminal platforms and, just to the west, a connecting curve allowed trains from the tunnel to run west towards Haymarket.

Latterly the station was called Princes Street but should not be confused with the Caledonian Railway station of the same name which opened two years after its closure.

The very tight curve from the Scotland Street Tunnel, to the north, to join the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, to the west, and the rope operated incline through the tunnel would lead to the opening of a new deviation and allow closure. Because of this tight curve Canal Street could only accommodate 4 wheeled carriages. The new 1868 Easter Road Deviation (North British Railway) avoided the curve and tunnel although it created a longer route.

The site of the station has been encompassed into enlargements of Edinburgh Waverley and the northern part was covered by Waverley Market, the Waverley Centre opened in 1983. The vehicle entrance ramp into the station is roughly where Canal Street itself was. The south end of the tunnel remains within the Waverley station limits, access gated.




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The Nor' Loch

By the 1780s the North Loch, between Edinburgh's Old and New Towns had been drained and partly retained as a canal. Canal Street was named for this water course.