Rutherglen Carriage Sidings

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Rutherglen Carriage Sidings (1896-1979)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.


These carriage sidings were opened in 1896 as part of the Glasgow Central Railway. There were three bay platforms just to the west and services both started and ended at Rutherglen [4th]. The terminal platforms and carriage sidings were controlled by Rutherglen Noth Junction box which looked out over the area.

Approach was from the north, from Clydebridge Junction.

The Glasgow Central Railway closed in 1964. Despite this some carriage sidings survived, controled from Clydebridge Junction. Control of these passed over to the Glasgow Central Panel Box in 1973.

The sidings were gone by the time of the Argyle Line a partial opening of 1979 (a re-opening of the Glasgow Central Railway). Their site coud still be seen until overgrown.

When the M74 extension opened over the top off Rutherglen station the carriage sidings area was cleared again and the site became obvious again for a while.



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