Saltmarket Junction

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Saltmarket Junction (1882-1966)

Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


A curve opened from Saltmarket Junction on the existing line from Gorbals Junction to High Street Junction (1871) in 1882. This served platforms 1 and 2 at Glasgow St Enoch. A signal box opened with the junction, in its ^V^.

The box closed in 1933 when subsumed by the the new box Glasgow St Enoch.

The junction and line were closed with the passenger closure of the station in 1966. The main line from Gorbals Junction to High Street Junction remains open.




  /  /1884City of Glasgow Union Railway
St Enoch Locomotive Depot opened. This was built in the triangle of lines bounded by Glasgow St Enoch station, Saltmarket Junction and Clyde Junction. The lines ran south from the shed to Clyde Junction. The area under the shed was notorious for oil dripping down on passers by.