Shawhill Junction

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Shawhill Junction (1869-1955)

Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.


This junction was south of Annan Shawhill station on the Solway Junction Railway. A curve ran from the south to the west to meet the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway a little east of Annan station to allow interchange between the two lines. The Solway Viaduct was 3/4 of a mile to the south. The Solway Junction Railway was a single track line, although land was taken for a double track.

The signal box was not located at the junction but on the connecting curve, on its north side. The curve doubled after leaving the southern junction with single ended sidings on both north and south side.

The box was reduced to a ground frame in 1892. Closed and replaced with an actual ground frame in 1916.

The line closed to passengers in 1921 and it closed altogether south of Shawhill Junction which was retained as a headshunt for the line to the north. From the 1923 Grouping both lines belonged to the London, Midland and Scottish Railway.

A passenger service to Annan Shawhill from the north serviced until 1931. Solway Junction, the far end of the connection, had its box closed in 1936, replaced with a ground frame.

The line north from Annan Shawhill station's goods yard closed in 1951. Shawhill Junction was retained until 1955 when the remainder of the line closed.

The trackbed survives, the north-south route having been used for a water pipe from Chapelcross Power Station (closed).