Solway Junction

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Solway Junction (1869-1955)

Opened on the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway.
Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.


This was a double track junction east of Annan station. It was formed in 1869 between the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway (the Glasgow and South Western Railway^s main line) and a curve to the new Solway Junction Railway (owned by the Caledonian Railway).

There were several sidings on the curve, as befitted a traffic exchange point between two companies.

The original signal box was replaced in 1887. It was located on the south side, just west of the junction.

The Solway Junction Railway ceased to be a through route with the closure of the Solway Viaduct in 1921. The junction remained open for freight and Annan Shawhill (on the Solway route) remained open as a terminus until 1931, served by a short trip from Kirtlebridge to the north.

The signal box closed in 1936 and was replaced with a ground frame. The branch closed in 1955.

The main line of the G&SWR remains open. It was singled but has been reinstated to double track.

The course of the Solway curve close to the junction is now housing.




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The Caledonian Railway, who were to work the Solway Junction Railway, is authorised to access the Glasgow and South Western Railway's Annan station via Solway Junction.


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