Annan Shawhill

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Annan [Shawhill] (1870-1924)
Annan Shawhill (1924-1931)

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Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.


While Annan station is south of the town, Annan Shawhill was to its east.

It was a single platform station on a trackbed taken for two lines although only one was ever laid (the northbound). The platform was on the west side.

To the south was the goods yard. This led off from a goods loop and was approached from the south and was on the west side. The signal box ('Annan') was on the was on the east side, opposite the loop.

A little to the south of the goods yard the line crossed over the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway and approached Shawhill Junction with which it connected to the GDCR with a curve.

Death was by many cuts.

Shawhill Junction box became a ground frame in 1892 and was replaced by a ground frame in 1916.

The line south, over the Solway Viaduct to Kirkbride Junction, closed in 1921. The Annan box closed. Shawhill Junction remained and was now a reversing spur only. In 1924, following the grouping, the passenger station became Annan Shawhill.

In 1931 the station closed to passengers. To the north the line was cut at Corsehill Quarry, the route south from the quarry to Annan being retained. The line became one engine in steam in 1932.

North from the former station closed in 1951. The goods yard was retained, accessed by reversal at Shawhill Junction.

Final closure was in 1955.

The site became a scrapyard and the station building remains. The trackbed carried the water pipe south from Chapelcross Powerstation.




09/09/1873Solway Junction Railway
The portion of the line from Kirtlebridge to Annan Shawhill is transferred to the Caledonian Railway.
27/04/1931Solway Junction Railway
Annan Shawhill to Kirtlebridge closed to goods.