Kirkbride Junction

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Kirkbride Junction (1869-1921)

Opened on the Solway Junction Railway.

Opened on the Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock.


At this junction the 1869 Solway Junction Railway met the existing 1856 Carlisle and Silloth Bay Railway and Dock. To the north was the route to the Solway Viaduct and to the east that to Carlisle. The route south west was to Silloth and, via Brayton, to the West Cumberland iron and steel works and iron ore mines.

Both lines had a loop by the junction. The Solway Viaduct route had a short siding on the east side, reached from the junction. The signal box, opened in 1892, was on the east side of the junction.

The line north to Bowness and the Solway Viaduct closed in 1921. The signal box closed in 1927.

The line closed altogether in 1964.