Underwood Coal Depot

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Underwood Coal Depot (1840-1988)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


This was the Caledonian Railway^s mineral yard in Paisley, entirely owned by that company.

This depot predated Paisley St James station and its goods yard - it was originally served directly from the station site and dates from around the line^s opening.

Later access was by reversal from the goods yard on the east side of Paisley St James station. The yard was at ground level, the nearby main line above street level.

The yard closed around 1988 with the loss of Spillers and Armitage Shanks traffic.

The site has been built over.

There was a temporary signal box at Underwood Road Bridge, just to the south east, in 1907. (Possibly associated with the Gilmour Street rebuilding around 1890 and some resignalling around 1910.)


Goods yard coal depot


Underwood Goods

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