Bothwell Branch (Caledonian Railway)


This line is closed. The line terminated in a spacious station with an overall timber roof.


  /  /1873Bothwell Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Short branch to Bothwell [CR] authorised.
01/03/1877Bothwell Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Branch to Bothwell [CR] opened.
05/06/1950Bothwell Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Bothwell [CR] to Fallside (Bothwell Junction) closed to all traffic.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

The Bothwell [CR] branch started from this junction, immediately east of Fallside station. The signal box here was 'Bothwell Junction'. The first version of this was on the north side of junction. It was replaced in 1897 with a second box on the south side of the junction. This was when the Bothwell Park Brick Works opened. This was served by sidings on the north side of the main ...

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This two platform terminus had an all-over roof. It was located immediately east of Bothwell [North British] beside the war memorial.

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The short Caledonian Railway Bothwell Branch from Fallside ran to a terminus by the war memorial just over Main Street from the North British station. ...
Ewan Crawford //2000
The Metrohm factory in Bothwell was the modified Caledonian Railway terminus. The part of the building closest to the camera was a more recent ...
Ewan Crawford //2000
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