Bothwell Junction

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Bothwell Junction (1878-1955)

Opened on the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway.


This was the junction between the lines to Shettleston (running north west) and Coatbridge Central [NB] (running north east) with the line continuing south to Hamilton [NBR] and Blantyre Pits.

The signal box here was called Bothwell (West) Junction to distinguish it from the Bothwell Park Junction^s box Bothwell Park Signal Box.

To the north of the junction were a number of dead end sidings, approached from the junction, on the east side of the Shettleston line. To the south were further dead end sidings approached from the junction located on the west side of the line. Reversal from the southern sidings gave access to Bothwell and Uddingston Gas Works.

The line to Coatbridge was out of use by 1954, closed in 1955. The remaining line closed to passengers at the same time. Following this the signal box was operated as required by a travelling signalman. Complete closure was in 1961.




05/06/1950Bothwell Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Bothwell [CR] to Fallside (Bothwell Junction) closed to all traffic.