Crieff and Comrie Railway


This line is closed with some portions walk-able. The line extended the Crieff lines (from Gleneagles and Perth) further west to the small town of Comrie. The route ran along the north bank of the River Earn with Crieff Viaduct and Strowan Tunnel being the chief civil engineering features. The opportunity was taken to build an enlarged station at Crieff on the new route.

The line was later extended westwards from Comrie to St Fillans and Lochearnhead and connected with the Callander and Oban Railway.


  /  /1890Crieff and Comrie Railway
Crieff and Comrie Railway authorised.
29/04/1890Crieff and Comrie Railway
Agreement on operation of the Crieff and Comrie Railway by the Caledonian Railway.
01/06/1893Crieff and Comrie Railway
Line opened. Stations opened Crieff [2nd] and Comrie.
  /  /1898Crieff and Comrie Railway Caledonian Railway
Crieff and Comrie Railway absorbed by Caledonian Railway.
15/06/1964Crieff and Comrie Railway
Comrie to Crieff Signalbox closed to goods.
06/07/1964Crieff and Comrie Railway
Comrie to Crieff [2nd] to Gleneagles closed to passengers, the last trains being Park Royal railbus M79973 and another hauled by BR Standard Class 4 80063. (Comrie to Crieff Signalbox closed completely.)

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This signal box controlled the junction between several lines. To the east were the lines from Gleneagles (opened 1856), Perth (opened 1866), the reversing spur for Crieff Goods (originally Crieff [1st] of 1856) and the reversing spur for Crieff Sheds and further goods sidings. To the west it controlled the approach to Crieff Goods and the line through Crieff [2nd] ...

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Perth Black 5 no 45476 runs past Crieff signal box in 1960. See image 40351 [Ref query 5148] ...
David Stewart //1960
The BLS/SLS Scottish Rambler of 23 April 1962 arriving at Crieff. The special had travelled from Perth via Methven behind NB 256 Glen ...
David Stewart 23/04/1962
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This was a through station opened with the Crieff and Comrie Railway replacing Crieff [1st], just to the south. It was a large station with two platforms and three tracks, the centre track being a goods bypass, or runround loop line. There were large station buildings, not dissimilar to the latter station building at Callander Dreadnought, which were heavily canopied on the platform ...

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Railcar at Crieff on arrival from Gleneagles. The view is from the station^s footbridge looking east. Photographs from a journey between Gleneagles ...
Aitken Scott //
View west from the Crieff station footbridge. Photographs from a journey between Gleneagles and Crieff 10/10. ...
Aitken Scott //
As near as it is now (2019) possible to replicate the view over the station site from Duchlage Road see image 49643 thanks to the foliage planted ...
Colin McDonald 19/02/2019
View east from King Street bridge in 2019. The building across the former trackbed is the ambulance station, and Crieff hospital can just be seen ...
Colin McDonald 19/02/2019
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This was a small signal box with a sloping roof at the extreme west end of the eastbound platform. The box controlled the three lines from Crieff East Signalbox through Crieff [2nd] station and the line west to Comrie.

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View west from King Street, Crieff, in late February 1970 towards Crieff tunnel with Burrell Street (A822) crossing over the trackbed. The end of ...
Bill Jamieson /02/1970
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This was a single track viaduct of around 114 feet to the west of Crieff [2nd] station which passed over the Turret Burn.

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Standard tank 80063 approaches Crieff with the last train from Comrie on 4 July 1964. It is about to pass over Crieff Viaduct, since demolished. ...
John Robin 04/07/1964
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The east end of Strowan Tunnel, between Crieff [2nd] and Comrie. ...
Ewan Crawford /03/1992
Standard tank 80063 takes the curve to Strowan Tunnel on 4 July 1964 with the last train from Comrie, the 6.45pm to Gleneagles. [Ref query 7903]. Sir ...
John Robin 04/07/1964
View east through the tunnel at Stowan on the line between Comrie and Crieff. Sleeper indentations were still obvious in 1992. ...
Ewan Crawford /03/1992
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This was a two platform station. At first, when a terminus, a platform and station building were not provided on the up side. After extension a second platform and building were provided.

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Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway
Extract from the Scottish Region timetable winter 1960-61 showing the Strathmore line to Aberdeen and the Crieff branch. ...
David Panton 12/09/1960
A surviving section of the westbound platform at Comrie, photographed in 1992. View east below the bridge carrying the A85 with a large caravan park ...
Ewan Crawford //1992
A view of Comrie Station site in July 2009 from the west side of the bridge that carries the A85 into Comrie. The area is now a caravan site. ...
John Gray 25/07/2009
On the other side of the camera for a change. The rarely photographed Frank Spaven surveys the remains of Comrie station at Easter 1966 in this view ...
David Spaven //1966
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