Crieff Signalbox

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Names and dates

Crieff East Signalbox (1892-1932)
Crieff Signalbox (1932-1965)

Opened on the Crieff and Comrie Railway.


This signal box controlled the junction between several lines. To the east were the lines from Gleneagles (opened 1856), Perth (opened 1866), the reversing spur for Crieff Goods (originally Crieff [1st] of 1856) and the reversing spur for Crieff Sheds and further goods sidings. To the west it controlled the approach to Crieff Goods and the line through Crieff [2nd] (opened 1893) to Comrie and beyond. The box opened one year before the Comrie line was opened.

The box was on the south side of the junction. All lines were single track except the short portion through to Crieff West Signalbox on the west side of Crieff [2nd] station which, going west, was initially double and then three tracks.

With the closure of Crieff West Signalbox in 1932 it was renamed Crieff Signalbox and took over its duties in addition to its own.

The Comrie line closed in 1964. The stub of the line to Gleneagles, terminating at Muthill, closed in late 1964. The signal box itself closed in 1965, the line becoming a one-engine-in-steam operation served by the remaining goods only line from Perth. Complete closure came in 1967.


Signalbox junction