Forth Bridge Railway


The Forth Bridge is still in use by trains today. The bridge is owned by Network Rail. ScotRail and other Intercity services use the bridge. The Forth Bridge Railway was joint-owned by a number of railway companies and ran from Inverkeithing station to Dalmeny station. The bridge is also known as The Forth Rail Bridge by some to distinguish it from the 1960s Forth Road Bridge.

A new Inverkeithing station was opened just to the north as the former Inverkeithing [1st] station was left on a branch, rather than the main line.


  /  /1873Forth Bridge Railway
Forth Bridge Railway authorised
  /  /1873Forth Bridge Railway
Authorised. (Not proceeded with.)
  /  /1876Forth Bridge Railway
Extension of time granted. (Not proceeded with.)
  /  /1879Forth Bridge Railway
Sir Thomas Bouch loses the contract to build the Forth Bridge after collapse of his Tay Bridge [1st].
  /  /1883Forth Bridge Railway
Construction of Bridge, designed by Henry Fowler and Benjamin Baker, begins. Contractor; William Arrol & Co.
  /  /1886Forth Bridge Railway
The three towers of the bridge start being erected.
  /  /1887Forth Bridge Railway
The towers are complete.
  /03/1890Forth Bridge Railway
Opened to goods.
04/03/1890Forth Bridge Railway
Bridge opened by HRH Prince of Wales driving the last rivet.
  /06/1890Forth Bridge Railway
Opened to passengers.
01/01/1948British Railways Forth Bridge Railway London, Midland and Scottish Railway London and North Eastern Railway Great Western Railway Southern Railway
Britains railways are nationalised.
  /  /2005Forth Bridge Railway
Jamestown Viaduct [Inverkeithing] strengthened.
09/12/2011Forth Bridge Railway
Painting of the Forth Bridge completed. Network Rail suggests no further painting to be required until 2031-36. A glass flake epoxy paint used by Balfour Beatty.
  /02/2019Forth Bridge Railway
A gantry is installed below the Forth Bridge for repairs to stress defects.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This junction is south of Dalmeny station. Lines from Edinburgh (Saughton Junction) and the west (Winchburgh Junction) meet before passing through Dalmeny station and crossing the Forth Bridge.

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A First ScotRail 158 with a returning Fife Circle service on the downhill section half a mile south of the Forth Bridge in the summer of 2008. The ...
John Furnevel 16/06/2008
Passing trains at Dalmeny Junction in the summer of 2008. A 170 destined for Waverley is about to pass a northbound 158 below the road bridge carrying ...
John Furnevel 26/06/2008
170477 with the 14.02 from Glenrothes with Thornton to Edinburgh, south of Dalmeny Junction on 11 May. ...
Bill Roberton 11/05/2014
A Fife bound train passing Dalmeny Junction in the summer of 2008 on the climb up to the Forth Bridge. Dalmeny station can be seen in the centre ...
John Furnevel 26/06/2008
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This is a two platform station located just south of the Forth Bridge on its southern approach embankment. It was briefly known as Forth Bridge when first opened (signs read ^Forth Bridge for South Queensferry^). The station retains several of its original buildings. The main station building, of typical North British Railway design, is on the northbound platform. A sandstone former ...

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A returning Fife Circle service about to restart its journey south from Dalmeny on 8 September 2008. The train is formed by SPT liveried DMU 170473. ...
John Furnevel 08/09/2008
An incoming Fife Circle comes off the bridge and into Dalmeny Station on 19th August 2020. ...
David Panton 19/08/2020
LNER Azuma 800105 enters Dalmeny on 31 August. Nothing unusual in 2020, but this is the 0755 from Inverness to Kings Cross, diverted through Fife ...
Bill Roberton 31/08/2020
A Fife Circle service calls at a misty Dalmeny on 18 August 2020 as a train for Edinburgh retreats. ...
David Panton 19/08/2020
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This double track bridge consists of three double cantilevers approached by viaducts at either end. Overall it is 1.5 miles long. The bridge crosses the Firth of Forth between Dalmeny and North Queensferry. The bridge is known for its red colour, originally from the red oxide paint used.

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Looking east over the rooftops of South Queensferry on a sunny afternoon in March 2015. An up ScotRail DMU about to complete its crossing of the ...
John Furnevel 04/03/2015
A Cowdenbeath - Edinburgh DMU runs out onto the Forth Bridge shortly after restarting from North Queensferry on 8 September 2008. ...
John Furnevel 08/09/2008
A view of the Forth Bridge, from between houses in South Queensferry, on 20th July 2017. ...
David Bosher 20/07/2017
David Prescott 06/07/2018
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This is a two platform station with a footbridge and original building on the southbound platform. The smaller building on the northbound platform has not survived. To the immediate south is the Forth Bridge and to the north the North Queensferry Tunnel.

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With a slight mist over the Forth, a Fife Circle service comes off the bridge and into North Queensferry station on 19 August 2020. ...
David Panton 19/08/2020
A poster at North Queensferry Station celebrates the UNESCO connection. ...
John Yellowlees 26/07/2017
First ScotRail 170396 emerges from North Queensferry Tunnel in September 2008 with a service for Edinburgh Waverley. ...
John Furnevel 08/09/2008
An Edinburgh service comes out of North Queensferry tunnel and into the station on 19 August 2020. Unusually, North Queensferry station lacked even a ...
David Panton 19/08/2020
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The lighting, which would now be deemed inadequate, makes the interior of this Class 117 seem rather cosy, as does the enforced intimacy of table-less ...
David Panton 23/12/1994
107 729 coasts downhill from Ferryhills Tunnel (also known as North Queensferry Tunnel) with an Edinburgh - Fife local in April 1990. The hybrid ...
Bill Roberton /04/1990
To the north of North Queensferry station the railway passes through the North Queensferry Tunnel. This tunnel is, curiously, immediately below the ...
Ewan Crawford 11/12/2004
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This signal box was located on the west side of the line north of North Queensferry Tunnel.

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Looking south west towards Jamestown Viaduct from the Inverkeithing direction on 19 June 2006, with a Waverley bound First ScotRail DMU heading ...
John Furnevel 19/06/2006
A mid morning ScotRail service bound for Cowdenbeath runs through the rock cutting shortly after leaving the Forth Bridge in June 2006. After passing ...
John Furnevel 20/06/2006
Freightliner 66619 coming off Jamestown Viaduct with an Aberdeen - Oxwellmains cement train about to pass 170433 on a northbound service. ...
Bill Roberton 15/07/2015
67001 climbs away from Inverkeithing with the 17.08 Edinburgh - Fife - Edinburgh commuter train on 12 July 2011. The train has just crossed Jamestown ...
Bill Roberton 12/07/2011
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44871 passes the allotments to the south of Inverkeithing tunnel with the ^Forth Bridge & Scottish Borders^ SRPS excursion returning to Linlithgow on ...
Bill Roberton 18/08/2019
DRS 68007 coasts downhill towards Inverkeithing Tunnel with a Haymarket - Cowdenbeath shuttle service, tailed by 68006. ...
Bill Roberton 07/12/2015
66746 nears Inverkeithing Tunnel with the Royal Scotsman from Edinburgh, heading to Aviemore because of the Aberdeen - Dyce blockade. Those trees ...
Bill Roberton 14/05/2018
GBRf 66736 draws a ballast train past the lifted Up line on the approach to Inverkeithing Tunnel. ...
Bill Roberton 12/03/2017
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This junction is south of Inverkeithing station. Lines to the Forth Bridge and Rosyth Dockyard divide here. The signal box here closed in 1972, control being taken over by Inverkeithing Central Junction signal box.

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66743 passes Inverkeithing South Junction with the Royal Scotsman from Edinburgh to Keith on 16 April. ...
Bill Roberton 16/04/2018
Class J35 0-6-0 64505 approaching Inverkeithing on 22 March 1961 with a late afternoon service from Rosyth dockyard. [Ref query 27 February 2019] The ...
David Murray-Smith 22/03/1961
170 477 embarks on the climb form Inverkeithing station to the Forth
David Panton 22/01/2011
Taken from a footbridge, looking towards the road bridge carrying King street and the Fife Coastal path over the Rosyth Dockyard Branch. The junction ...
Alan Cormack 27/12/2018
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