National Railway Museum


The National Railway Museum is divided between two sites; the main one in York and another in Shildon.


  /  /1820Hetton Coal Company
Acquires steam locomotives from {George Stephenson} to work the new Hetton to Sunderland line. Five in total were acquired by 1822. One engine is preserved at the National Railway Museum.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

NRM York

NRM York is spread out between various former locomotive and goods sheds.

A selection of locomotive name and number plates, widely spread geographically when they were in use, now grouped on a wall display in the NRM at ...
Veronica Clibbery 18/09/2019
LNER related exhibits in the National Railway Museum. 1470 ^Great Northern^ (later 4470 and 60113) was the first Gresley pacific, introduced by him ...
Veronica Clibbery 18/09/2019
^Not here you don^t!^ Preserved notice from a pre-snowflake era, once used by the Cheshire Lines Committee, photographed at the National ...
John Furnevel 29/06/2011
4003 ^Lode Star^, sole surviving member of the GWR Star Class 4-6-0s and a long time member of the National Collection. 4003 is reputed to have ...
Veronica Clibbery 18/09/2019
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The ^Station Hall^ of the National Railway Museum started life as the principal goods station of the North Eastern Railway in York.

More details

NRM Shildon

This is a new site built on part of the site of the former Shildon Yard.

Close up of 03090 standing in the sunshine outside the main exhibition hall at Shildon on a February morning in 2007. Former BR Class 03 0-6-0DM no ...
John Furnevel 04/11/2007
Dating from 1833, Soho shed at Shildon was part of the original Soho Engine Works. It was used by Timothy Hackworth, who served as locomotive ...
John Furnevel 04/11/2007
Among the many glamorous exhibits in the NRM at Shildon this narrow gauge mine locomotive, still in workaday condition, is perhaps passed unnoticed by ...
Mark Bartlett 27/11/2012
I quote from the museum placard: In 1840, Queen Adelaide, Princess of Saxe-Meiningen, widow of King William IV of England and aunt to the recently ...
Ken Strachan 03/08/2017
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